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Virtual and In-Person Mental Healthcare When You Need It Most

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providing comprehensive programming and integrated care to children, teens, and adults throughout the state of Maryland.

How It Works

Receiving mental health services is very beneficial, however, we understand that starting therapy can be a daunting process, but here at BTST Services, we make it easy.  Below is our quick and easy process to get you started!

How It Works

Let's Start a Referral Form

Complete a referral form through our website or call one of our offices and place a referral

Let's Hear About You

A member from our intake team will contact you to ask a few questions and gather some brief background information to best connect you with a therapist who meets your needs

Let's Start Healing

Once assigned, your therapist will contact you to schedule your appointment and begin services

Service Provision BTST Services

Service Options

We are happy to offer multiple option to bring services directly to you. We provide services in person, bringing treatment right to you, and through web-based telehealth services.

In Person

This is our traditional model for treatment. In-person provides community-based treatment right within your own home and in your community. For children, this includes visits to your child’s school; however, school visits are only part of the package. Services are most effective when provided in an environment that offers privacy and allows parents and guardians to be present.


Telehealth services are treatment services provided via the Internet. We use secure Zoom accounts to meet with clients. Zoom can be easily accessed from home on the phone, tablet, or computer.  Because of confidentiality, every client must be in a private space, with few distractions, so your privacy can be maintained.

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Benefits of Therapy

  • Improved communication skills 

  • Healthier Relationships

  • Develop better coping skills

  • Being able to vocalize emotions / feeling and thoughts on things experienced

  • More peaceful life

Benefits of Therapy BTST Services
John Green

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
— John Green

Most Common Mental Diagnosis

58 Million Americans suffer from mental diagnosis.  Below are the most common diagnosis



  • Feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness or hopelessness

  • Angry outbursts, irritability or frustration, even over small matters

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities, such as sex, hobbies or sports

  • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or sleeping too much



  • A churning feeling in your stomach

  • Feeling light-headed or dizzy

  • Pins and needles

  • Feeling restless or unable to sit still

  • Headaches, backache or other aches and pains

  • Faster breathing



  • Feeling sad, hopeless or irritable most of the time.

  • Lacking energy.

  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering things.

  • Loss of interest in everyday activities.

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Meet Some of Our Therapists

Our therapists cover a wide range of specialties



Anxiety & Stress



Chronic Illness

Eating Disorders

Anger Management

Childhood Abuse

Mood Disorders


Trauma & Grief

Family Conflict

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