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Targeted Case Management (TCM)

  • At BTST Services, the Mental Health Targeted Case Management (TCM) Services Program exists
    to assist client with identifying and enrolling in needed behavioral health care, obtaining
    benefits and entitlements, and assuring that needed support is in place to help people thrive in
    their communities. The primary goal of TCM is to improve an individual’s quality of life, while
    also working to promote their long-term recovery. Additionally, the Case Mangers within the
    TCM Program provide linkages to essential treatment and services, prevent homelessness and
    incarceration, divert individuals from unnecessary inpatient and emergency room use and
    institutional levels of care, wherever possible, and increase the individual’s stability within their

  • Our goal is
    to assist adults who are risk for homelessness, hospitalization, incarceration, and more.

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