Married Couples Are Less Affected By Depression

Depression would be less common among married couples… but the situation evolves according to the couple’s financial means.

Is marriage really the key to happiness? This is, in any case, the hypothesis supported by a team from Georgia State University.

The researchers worked with data from 3617 US adults, ages 24 to 89, who were regularly asked about their health and well-being.The researchers then made an interesting discovery: married couples earning less than $ 60,000 (or about $ 49,000) a year seemed less affected by depression than the average person. As a reminder, in the world, depression affects more than 340 million people.“We believe that this effect is partly related to the financial and social security felt by precarious individuals after marriage,” say the researchers whose work was published in the journal Social Science Research.

In contrast, the trend reverses as incomes rise. For example, researchers found that single individuals earning more than $ 60,000 a year had a lower risk of depression than individuals with similar incomes but… living in couples.

“The well-being benefits of marriage seem to concern people in precarious situations,” the scientists conclude.

Previous studies have already suggested that marriage might be good for health. In 2013, an American study had shown that cancer victims tended to live longer when they were in a relationship. In 2014, other American researchers had discovered that a happy marriage could reduce cardiovascular risk.

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