DeRozan opens up about depression

The Toronto Raptors currently hold a half-game lead over the Boston Celtics for first out east. And shooting guard DeMar DeRozan is a big part of the reason why. After all, he’s averaging 23.9 points per night. He’s also attempting more 3-point shots per game (3.6) than ever before while hitting on 33 percent of them. That’s not great, but it’s nearly a career-high. And it’s a sign that DeRozan is taking smarter shots. More 3-point attempts, fewer long two-point attempts.

But it’s not always easy off the court for DeRozan. And on Feb. 17, ahead of the All-Star game, he would tweet this out.

“This depression get the best of me…”

Of course, people who battle depression know that this is how it goes. Things may seem just fine; one day everything is good. But then the next, things are upside down. Or something is ever-so-slightly off. That’s how it goes. And DeRozan is opening up about it.

“It’s one of them things that no matter how indestructible we look like we are, we’re all human at the end of the day. We all got feelings … all of that. Sometimes … it gets the best of you, where times everything in the whole world’s on top of you.”

He understands that he could have gone about things differently than by tweeting. But he also knows that sometimes, it’s out of your control. DeRozan isn’t ashamed of that, though. And he shouldn’t be. He elaborates further:

“Sometimes you hear things from other people, such as doing something like that (the Saturday morning tweet). There could have been a better way to take that approach, but I got great words from a lot of people.”

But that’s not all.

“It’s not nothing I’m against or ashamed of. Now, at my age, I understand how many people go through it. Even if it’s just somebody can look at it like, ‘He goes through it and he’s still out there being successful and doing this,’ I’m OK with that.”

DeRozan using the platform he has to be open about depression is a great thing. In fact, more and more people in prominent positions should use their platform for things like this. But as we know, it’s not always easy. There’s a stigma that comes with it. But it’s long past time we shake that.

DeRozan talking about his own struggles is a great step in that regard.

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