Perfectly Imperfect!

In the world we have many visuals and unspoken benchmarks to shape our human understanding of how to relate to one or more parts in and around us. The prime innate mission is to navigate on this earth, relate, translate, and transform. Some get stuck at one or more points of time because of the fixed illusion to be perfect and until perfection is accomplished to stay. Some interpret this as a “by any means necessary” mind frame that shapes cultures, societies and generations that ruled civilizations that once was governed by kings and queens. The human experience of purpose and the path to evolution is impeded upon the way we chose to view ourselves. The question I ask is through whom do you view yourself?

As the world turns, our social responsibility has been nothing more than a campaign to franchise brands to demoralize belief system by glorified shallow glamour systems that have added in the medication system that places bandages on those that suffer from depression and anxiety. These defects cause the mind to boggle over whether or not a person is worthy based on looks and statue. The money that is possessed and the more attractive you are, the more deserving you are to be in that number. What number you ask? The number of people that get to be labeled perfect! Your perfect! Your perfect! Your perfect! I can hear Oprah giving it away on her show, but the honest truth is that the world we live in today has degraded human worth to things that are tangible. Beauty, clothing, attainable accomplishments that others around us can see and translate into perfection.

So…..where does this leave those that can see beyond those things that the “world” has defined as the “for perfect people only”? Is this a real things? Is being imperfect a disease or a contradiction to what human life has to offer?

As we examine the way the people have worshiped things and have cherished objects but somehow argue over whether or not a life matters more in one community over another, we can see just how out of touch we are with what is truth. The goal of getting to perfection has caused damage in communities and families that have many people living in pits.

The transformation which is important to those that accept and realize that imperfections have its beautiful melody playing gracefully in the song of life, gives us the ability to be with truth. Truth, the perfect one! The one that has satisfied all redemptive measures that this earth has made into defected circumstances.

This blog post was provided courtesy of:

Tiffi’ni M. Davis LBSW, M.Msc

Abundantly Living Resources Inc.

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