Freddie Gray

April 27th

Last year on this day, the residents of Baltimore City were in an outrage after the funeral services for 25-year-old Freddie Gray. His death occurred after an arrest and injuries to his spinal cord. His arrest by the Baltimore City Police Department and his subsequent death left the city’s residents saddened and frustrated leading to the worst riots our city had ever seen. Many businesses were destroyed, both small and large, including a church’s community center. Up until May 3rd, a state of emergency was declared and the city was restricted to a curfew after the National Guard was deployed. It was a dark time for the city, but also a moment of clarity.

Over the next few weeks hundreds of community organizations came together in efforts to help us heal in anyway they could. BTST Services was more than happy to do our part in the clean up making donations and helping build playgrounds around the city. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel and we still do. Moving forward, we want to continue being a beacon of hope for the city of Baltimore. On this day, we remember the life of Freddie Gray and the stand that was taken for his life. We also want to focus on the development and empowerment of our city’s youth so this is something that we’ll never have to see again.

As BTST Services continues to grow, we will continue to ‘Pay It Forward’ and lead by example. “The only thing stronger than fear is hope.” And we HOPE for a bettertomorrow, which starts today!

Thank you, BTST Services

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