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Happy New Year from BTST!

As one year ends and another begins, we tend to reflect back on all the memories from the past 365 days. We smile about the good ones and try to forget the not so great ones. We think about the new friends we’ve made and the ones we lost.

We then day dream and imagine what the next year will bring us. However, this year, do not sit back idle and wait to see what fate has in store for you. Let’s take this new year on with hope and purpose. Let’s not only set goals but develop action plans to achieve them. Let’s not only talk about it or be discouraged regardless of the issue, but create the change you want to see. Let’s also remember that change does not always come easy or as fast as we would like but if you stay consistent, committed, seek help from others, and not lose hope, you can achieve whatever you set forth for yourself.

Let’s not defer our ambitions of change off for another year, month or week, get started immediately because A Better Tomorrow Starts Today.

Please take 3 minutes to see the short film below we created about change for this new year.

Happy 2016 from your BTST Family.

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