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Excel Youth is a program of BTST Services. They are a psychiatric rehabilitation program that works collaboratively with therapists to help children with mental health diagnoses develop the skills necessary to thrive. They provide PRP services to children ages 5-17 at our two locations in Frederick, MD, and Hagerstown, MD. Check them out!

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program


PRP is an acronym for




which can be more easily described as therapeutic mentoring. This service is therapeutic as we work collaboratively with existing therapists on existing diagnoses.


1.   A referral is made by a licensed therapist/psychiatrist.

2.  Once approved, a PRP counselor is assigned.  

3.   An intake and an Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP) is developed with the client and family.

4.  The fun begins.


Counselors meet with clients weekly. Children - at least 4 times a month

Adults – at least 6 times a month

Visits rotate throughout the HOME, COMMUNITY, and the OFFICE.



BTST’s PRP Program services children and adults ages 5-60 who have been diagnosis with a mental health disorder and are actively working with a therapist and/or psychiatrist.  

Children’s diagnosis can vary and with many being eligible for PRP services.  However, adults have a smaller range of approved diagnosis which can be found on the Priority Population Chart below.


BTST groups are designed to use creative activities to engage clients while teaching skills needed to manage their diagnosis and reduce maladaptive behaviors.  An example of these groups include social skills, coping skills, communication, time management, family strengthening and healthy relationship skills.


BTST offers and coordinates themed groups with specific topics for each month.  For example, February (love yourself), March Madness (anger management group), April Showers (hygiene group) and November (being thankful).

In addition to all planned groups, counselors often coordinate their own groups (onsite and offsite) covering various topics relating to the clients individual goals.  These may include art expression, nature hikes, running groups and self-esteem scrap-booking. 


BTST also provides reoccurring bi-weekly and monthly groups.  These groups are provided by our staff and contractual professionals to bring fun and innovative programming to our clients while continuing to work on individual goals.  Theses reoccurring groups are detailed below.


Excel Youth is a program of BTST Services which provides PRP services only for Children and Adolescent in Frederick and Washington County.  Our program at these locations was named Excel Youth as we provide a unique approach to services delivery by taking a child focused approach.  Our interventions, groups, activities, office lay out etc., all are designed to engage today's youth while still working to yield great outcomes to help them EXCEL.  For more information about our program Excel Youth please click the link below to be transferred to it site

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