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The Hayden Hurst Family Foundation and BTST Services have partnered for"Hayden's

Critical Catch" to provide 81 mental health therapy sessions to student-athletes in Baltimore

and the surrounding area. Hayden's Crucial Catch will serve as an introduction to mental

health services for student-athletes who previously may not have sought to obtain care due

to the lack of knowledge of the topic or the stigma relating to it. This partnership will provide

20 students with four individual and 1 group therapy sessions with a licensed mental health

therapist provided by BTST Services at no cost to the participant's thanks to The Hayden

Hurst Family Foundation. In May of 2019 members of the HHFF and BTST Services will travel

to auditoriums of the participating schools for a live engaging conversation in front of

student-athletes where Hayden and BTST's CEO Chris Simon, LMSW will be discussing

Hayden's story, the need for mental health services, the pressures of being a student-athlete

and its impact on a student's mental health. Following the conversation, the student-athletes

will be able to apply to take part in the Critical Catch project, 20 will be selected to start

services in Spring 2019.The Hayden Hurst Family Foundation and BTST Services are

excited about offering these services for Maryland's student-athletes.

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