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Excel Youth (Washington County) is turning a new leaf!  We’re rebranding!  


As part of our ongoing strategy to improve our service to the community, our company will now be taking on the name of our parent company, BTST Services.


Excel Youth has always been a program of BTST Services and at its inception served the community primarily through its treatment of youth. We are proud that Washington County Excel Youth has made a successful transition to treating both children and adults. 

We believe our current branding does not directly, or effectively, promote adult services in Washington County. We feel it is now the appropriate time for Washington County's Excel Youth program to take on the name of BTST Services in order to expand its reach and service to the community.  


What does this mean for me?


BTST Services is committed to providing a high level of services to our referral partners.  As such, this branding transition will come with minimal service impact.  

- Excel Youth materials, emails, and other branding items will reflect BTST Services.

- Referral partners can now submit referrals electronically through the BTST Services website 

There are no actions needed to be taken by our referral partners or clients during this transition.  We look forward to continuing good work in the community!

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