BTST is an awesome place to work! Why? Just ask our employees and they will tell you that we strive to have a high energy and employee centered work culture.  We put a great emphasis on developing our staff via trainings, positive reinforcement and recognition, with the goal of developing tomorrow's most elite health-care professionals.  To further this mission we have designed our offices to offer amenities such as employee gyms, staff libraries, computer labs, employee lounges equipped with cable tv, surround sound radio, full kitchen etc. and fun alternative places to sit, mingle, and work away from your desk.

At BTST, we are always looking for

individuals who enjoy working apart of a team to achieve great things.  Our ideal staff member is a progressive thinker, embracing past methods and norms while infusing new perspectives and ideas to further carry out our agency mission.  In addition to the great outcomes we achieve, we also believe that both the words 

are needed to maintain a great environment, which is the reason that we offer many staff “socials” for employees to engage in.  These “socials” help to develop team work, provide respite and often lead to colleges becoming work family.

Give me a B, Give me a T, Give me a S, Give me a T, what does that spell, BTST!!!!!!!

To find out more about our awesome work culture check out the video below and if interested, apply to join the team.



BTST SERVICES is a CARF accredited licensed mental health agency providing comprehensive programming and integrated care for children, teens, and adults throughout the state of Maryland.  At BTST SERVICES, we provide individual and family therapy, medication management, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services.  BTST SERVICES works to stay on the cutting edge of technological advancements providing our clients with the most efficient, accessible care, in an ever-changing society. BTST SERVICES utilizes individualized and strength-based approaches to care; understanding each person’s needs and required treatment modalities are unique and vary case by case.

Therapist Job Description

Are you looking for a dynamic work environment that provides free supervision, flexibility to create your own schedule, free CEU’s, state-of-the-art facilities and resources for its staff? BTST Services, a community-based Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC), meets each client where they are, through therapeutic interventions. At BTST SERVICES , we provide individual and family therapy, medication management, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services. All clinicians have the flexibility to use their identified expertise and clinical approaches in treatment while working to eliminate barriers that prevent clients from obtaining services.

What does the day to day life of an BTST SERVICES therapist look like?

  • Flexibility in creating your schedule to provide therapeutic services

  • Completing individual and family therapy sessions

  • Monetary incentive for assisting in medication management sessions

  • Documentation of all services rendered as required by COMAR, and CARF Standards, as well as company agency policies

Additional incentives:

  • Great work culture

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits

  • 401k program with company contribution

  • Community-based and fee-for-service

Licensure Requirements:

  • LMSW

  • LGPC

  • LCSW-C

  • LCPC

PRP Counselor Job Description

***Applicant must have insured vehicle which is required to transport clients for onsite visits***

PRP (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program) is designed to promote the positive development of a child’s behavior, social skills, and family relationships. PRP services are provided in the setting most conducive to enhancing each youth’s own healthy participation in their homes, foster care home, job site, educational setting or in the community. PRP counselors, with the help of the family, establish specific goals relating to the areas of personal care, time management, organization, social skills, and other skills that will lead the youth’s family to a more positive direction. PRP focuses on the maladaptive behaviors that stem from behavioral and emotional disabilities that impair individuals functioning. PRP services are individualized and goal oriented.

PRP counselors are responsible for seeing clients on a weekly basis totaling 4 visits per month. The visits should be completed in an environment that is best for the client’s improvement in goal-related areas. PRP counselors are responsible for bringing clients on-site or engaging them in an approved group activity once a month. Outside of visits with clients, PRP counselors are also responsible for documenting visits daily and monthly. Counselors are also responsible for attending all staff meetings and training to further their education process and receive updates given at these meetings. Counselors are also expected to attend supervisions and have frequent communication with the supervisor.

PRP counselor Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years of age

  • Have access to an insured automobile or reliable transportation

  • Have current driver’s license, auto insurance, and good drivers record (less than 4 pts)

  • Minimum of an Associate’s degree or equivalent credits in a health-related field

  • Have a minimum of 2 years’ experience servicing individuals with mental, emotional and behavioral disabilities

  • Ability to speak and translate in a second language is a plus!


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